Media Arts Model Curriculum Guide

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Media Arts Model Curriculum Guide 2017
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  1. These standards are very complicated and hard to follow but are very through. They seem to cover things from tip to tail.
  2. What these standards show is that Montana's OPI embraces the need to teach media arts and literacy. However, as these standards are nearing 10 years old, the rapid pace of how the mediated world changes suggests we may need a little more than creating, synthesizing, and analyzing. Anyone can create content nowadays because it is cheap to make and cheaper to publish. What we are not teaching enough of is the responsibility that goes with this. Students have aspirations of being content creators and influencers, 10 years ago those weren't real terms. What we see in the media today is that the ability to create anything means the ability to influence anyone. Influence is power and power requires responsibility. I think we need to adjust the standards to start reflecting this reality.
  3. Very thorough and somewhat complicated! Since I love using media to enhance learning in English and social studies classes, I look forward to getting to know these standards and try to keep ahead of students in the digital age.
  4. Valuable information and shows Montana Schools believe in students becoming in tune with the digital age.
  5. Useful information...thank you.
  6. Very in-depth and well-organized guide for teaching digital natives!
  7. Nice. Easy to follow.
  8. Nice. Easy to understand
  9. The standards seem repetitive in the upper elementary grades. The glossary is helpful.
  10. The standards seem repetitive in the upper elementary grades.
  11. The Standards are sufficiently vague to allow creativity but specific in the types of creation and analysis that must be accomplished to prepare our students for the digital media age.
  12. Clear that we need to work on this in our schools to teach kids in a digital age
  13. Provides clear guidance
  14. Provides cear guidance
  15. well done and easily understood
  16. Easy to follow the grade progression and well written.
  17. Very helpful and well written
  18. I really appreciate the links and the user friendly format!
  19. User Friendly format, clear and concise. Great links!
  20. Thank goodness a user friendly edition.
  21. Well written and In depth and comprehensive
  22. Well written
  23. Very in depth and well written
  24. Indepth Well written, user friendly, concise.
  25. This is very well written and comprehensive. I might add that it is "user friendly."
  26. This is very well written and "user friendly."
  27. In depth and comprehensive. Ties together a great deal of material, in a way that is accessible and easy to implement.
  28. Education has changed so much and I thought I would get by with a flip phone. Ha ha
  29. This is quite comprehensive and I may say ambitious!
  30. Wonderful!
  31. Well written. Concise, yet covers all developmental levels and all steps to the creative process including reflection and synthesis. Very complete.
  32. This is very helpful! It is clear, easy to follow, and implementing it should be fun!
  33. It is evident that people who know media arts helped put this together! :)
  34. well written and thought provoking
  35. This is a very helpful and well thought out set of standards. I like that it allows students to relate their own personal experiences to the media arts and how it affects them.
  36. This is helpful for the small rural schools where you have a large variety of age groups, I like the break down into grades.
  37. For those teachers that teach more then one grade or subject this is very good for them to implement. This resourse is great and will be fantastic for hands on learning.
  38. This is a very well thought out and written guide. It is helpful for a teacher like myself who teaches more than one grade to be able to see all the differences in levels and understand how to implement them all into daily instruction and activities.
  39. This is an excellent resource and I am so happy to see these new changes coming. The standards do a fantastic job of integrating the artistic process to hands on Learning and give a detailed advancement.
  40. Very detailed and shows how they advance at each level.
  41. Very detailed. Thanks for the update.
  42. This is a wonderful guide. This allows the teacher to fully understand what needs to be taught.
  43. Split up into different areas in a way that is easy to understand.
  44. It was detailed and helped me understand the standards.
  45. The fields are broken down nicely to be able to compare grade levels. I teach 5th, 7th, and 8th grade, so it is important to be able to do so.
  46. The standards are easy to follow, well planned out, and organized by grade level. I liked the vocabulary list added at the end of the curriculum guide as well.