Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians

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  1. This is a very well organized and useful tool for the classroom.
  2. well written and thought provoking
  3. nice way to include culture that comes from their own backyard. It makes it more relatable to the students.
  4. Thank you
  5. This is great information to have. Having the background and essentials is good.
  6. Good to know
  7. I work with classes that have a large population on Native American students and this information is great to have to see how it can be used currently in class. There isn't a lot of training that teachers go through in this day and age to truly learn about and discuss native students in their classes. Much of the history of our country is taught from an Anglo-European viewpoint that isn't as consistant in a place like Montana where we have a large Native population in many of our big towns and cities.
  8. Understanding these standards helps me to be a better teacher in my classroom. It has broadened my view...
  9. A plain language representation for students would be great.
  10. Due to the fact that I have Native American students, this information is great,
  11. Good information.
  12. The history of the Indian nations is very helpful. Understanding the backgrounds and the mindsets is essential to presenting different methods in different ways. And it is important to accept all points of views.