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Today’s learners—teachers and students—are continually affected by a variety of digital technologies.  These technologies have altered their expectations and skills. Traditional instruction alone no longer provides students with all the skills necessary to find personal value and professional success.  Therefore, education needs to play an increasing role in empowering learners to be technologically literate and to integrate digital tools into their lives.

Expectations for student learning are increasing as digital tools make basic tasks easier. We must help students meet these expectations by understanding that:

  • digital technology must be in the hands of all students;
  • technological literacy includes more than simple mastery of skills;
  • digital citizens must use digital tools safely and responsibly;
  • learning environments are no longer constrained by school walls; they are global and personal;
  • digital technology skills are acquired, developed, and mastered at an individual pace and;
  • access to tools and flexible networks are critical for learner success.

While digital technology tools can be used to facilitate assessment of student learning, the primary application of these tools must be used to support content area learning. Although integrated learning systems can be used to deliver curriculum, true technology integration involves dynamic interactions among learners using digital tools.

Inquiry-based learning activities, rich in relevant content and integrated with digital technology, can facilitate collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. Properly applied, technology enhances learning and instruction, but does not become the focus. By providing access to information and tools for expression, opening pathways to communication, and facilitating personal understanding, technology supports learning in all subjects.

Adopted 2008

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