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  1. comprehensive and user friendly.
  2. It makes sense to me.
  3. Very helpful for understanding
  4. Very helpful, applicable and comprehensive
  5. Interesting. Comprehensive. Looks good.
  6. I have often taught these concepts for quite some time now and I am reinforced for having come to this conclusion some time ago.
  7. very valuable resource
  8. Helpful resource. I'm excited to share with my colleagues.
  9. Great resource - and great curriculum. I like the new science standards a lot.
  10. Valuable resource for teachers and curriculum directors
  11. resource will be helpful
  12. Extremely helpful source for the complexity of the revision.
  13. Good Source
  14. Great Resource
  15. This is a very great resource and the facts are very beneficial.
  16. This document was very easy to follow and read, and was very user-friendly.
  17. Video was helpful. Hope to gain some knowledge on expanding this in my classroom now.
  18. I found the videos and charts extremely beneficial.
  19. Looks good to me. What would be the possibility of some training in the crosscutting concepts touched on in the videos?