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Performed by Halladay Quist and Rob Quist Plains Indian Sign Language Videos by Mariah Gladstone These recordings and the accompanying sign language videos are products from the Cayuse Prairie School Indian Education for All K-12 Grant (2015-2106). Several stories from the Indian Reading Series were put to music by wellknown Montana musicians Rob and Halladay Quist. In addition, Mariah Gladstone is featured in video clips signing each song using Plains Indian sign language.

As part of the grant activities, students at Cayuse Prairie spent a week reading stories from the Indian Reading Series and then learned one of the songs and the sign language based on the story. Students then performed the songs at a community concert. Special thanks to Kathy Manley-Coburn for her vision and project coordination. Indian Reading Series Background.

From 1972 – 1983 the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory Indian Reading & Language Development Program produced 140 culturally relevant stories written by local Indian authors and illustrated by Indian artists. The result of this work was a unique supplementary reading and language development program. A teacher’s manual was also developed to provide ideas and strategies for incorporating the stories into school reading programs.

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